Dennis Fritchie

Sensei Fritchie is the head of the International Budo Renmei Organization which is the governing organization for Stuart Martial Arts Center.

Sr. Instructor

Isaac Florentine

Sensei Florentine's martial arts training began over 45 years ago. He has trained all over the world in many styles of martial arts. His main focus is karatedo. 

Sr. Instructor, Aikido, Iaido, Karatedo

Ted Gonzales

Sensei Gonzales has been training in martial arts for over 40 years. He teaches karatedo, aikido and iaido classes.

Sr. Instructor, Aikido, Karatedo

Robert Cook

Sensei Cook's martial arts training began over 35 years ago. He currently teaches both adult and kids classes on a regular basis.

Dojo Cho, Sr. Instructor Aikido, Karatedo

Mark Dye

Sensei Dye's martial arts training began over 35 years ago. He is currently the dojocho (manager) of Stuart Martial Arts Center. You'll see him teaching aikido and karatedo a couple nights a week.

Instructor, Aikido

Roger Eder

Sensei Eder has over 20 years of martial arts training. You'll see him teaching aikido classes a couple of nights a week.

Instructor, Aikido, Iaido

Mark Allen

Sensei Allen has over 20 years of martial arts training. You'll see Sensei Allen teaching aikido and iaido.

Instructor, Karatedo, Aikido, Iaido

Jeffrey Reimer

Sensei Reimer has over 35 years of martial arts experience. Saturday mornings you'll find Sensei Reimer in the dojo teaching classes.

Instructor, Aikido, Karatedo

Brian Wyble

Sensei Wyble has been training with Stuart Martial Arts Center now for nearly 8 years. He is passionate about his martial arts training. You'll find him in the dojo several nights a week!

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