We are excited to announce that we have re-opened as of June 1st! 

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, we have implemented the following protocol:

1) To make it easier for our younger students to maintain proper social distancing, we’ll place ‘X’s on the mat to show students where they’ll train for the class. ’X’ marks YOUR spot! 

2) For everyone's safety, face masks are required by everyone upon entering the dojo. This will allow us to more safely engage in a complete training experience while ensuring safer interactions with each other. We will adjust our training accordingly to ensure everyone is comfortable. Students may step off the mat (social distance themselves) to remove the mask momentarily as needed. Then put their mask back on and re-engage in their training. Also, masks can be removed briefly for drinking water. If a student does not have a mask, a disposable mask will be available for use. 

3) Classes will be 5 minutes shorter to allow for cleaning and sanitization of the environment between classes

4) Class sizes will be limited to 9 students at a time; this will help with social distancing; we may need to spread students out across different nights so please think about which two nights work best for you.

5) Students will enter and exit the dojo one person at a time; no crowding the doorway.

6) Parents are respectfully asked to stay outside of the dojo to limit the number of people in the training area

7) We require all students to wash their hands, use hand sanitizer (or both!) prior to stepping on the mat.

8) Only one person in the changing rooms at a time. Bathrooms can be used for changing as well. We encourage students to wear their uniform pants and t-shirt to class. Then throw on your tops and belts on arrival.

9) Please take your shoes off outside the door. The shoe rack will be placed outside.

10) Each student's temperature will be taken upon entry into the dojo.

11) Please stay outside the dojo until it's your class to limit the number of students in the dojo. Once your class is over, please step outside in an orderly fashion.

Until further notice:
1) There will be no sparring or one-step sparring

2) No self-defense practice with a partner

3) Limited, authorized use of gear (mits, bags, sparring gear, etc). All gear is cleaned and sanitized after each class.

We’ll keep these measures in place until further notice. We will also continue reviewing the current state of the pandemic and making adjustments as necessary. We will continue to comply with local, state and federal ordinances as required. We want to ensure we are doing our part to defeat this pandemic as quickly as possible. We expect to slowly phase back to a more normal routine over the next few months. We appreciate everyone’s patience, cooperation and understanding.

See you in the dojo!

© 2020 Muso Bugei Kai Dojo, Inc.

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